Our Brand

PEACOCK BRAND was established in Singapore in the 1950s. Our brand name soon became synonymous with fine quality rice vermicelli and rice noodles, and we grew rapidly into a major manufacturer exporting our products to the world markets.

Right from the start, our vision was to deliver quality products that are consistently good, reasonably priced and delicious to the last strand. We constantly invest in R&D to yield superior products such as noodles with increased tensile strength so that they can withstand frying without clumping or breaking easily. To ensure that our products always taste good, we adopt an extensive steaming and cooling process which makes them more porous and allows them to absorb flavours better when cooked.

But we take pride mostly in the fact that our products are good for your health. PEACOCK BRAND RICE VERMICELLI products are gluten free, 100% fat free, cholestrol free, higher in fiber and iron (for brown rice vermicelli) and have a low glycemic index. Our plant is HACCP* and ISO 9001** certified and most of our products are certified „Healthier Choice Products“ by the Health Promotion Board, Ministry of Health (Singapore). Our products are also certified Halal***

Wholesome and packed with natural goodness, PEACOCK BRAND offers a healthy choice that makes a difference in Singapore and around the world.

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